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Just speaking to my web developer and was wondering what we can do to improve the site. All comments will be great and useful. For example, please tell us what you like and what you don't like? Also why aren't you playing the competitions? No other site gives away £300 a month like 888Sport....Personally I think combined (all the writers) are as good, if not better, than most other tipsters sites.

Mike Plumb sent an email to me yesterday saying what he thinks is good and what isn't.

It would be nice if the casual readers (you know who you are. The lazy c**t who never logins, read the tips and buggers off) leaves a post. 😉

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  • 27-09-2015

    Hello sport tipster, I look at the site each evening, even more on the weekend when I have more time and find you can have an overload of tips – so I end up confused to which tips to choose once all reviews are read. I now only look in detail at the daily blog and matts racing tips plus the daily goals alert website to keep my mind clear. I think it is great to have so many excellent writers but they continue with the write up’s but at the end they only give their NAP tip for the day rather than lots of tips. I would be happy with 3/4 tips a day!.

    As for entry to the site, can’t you set up access to the info only when you log in, or even team up with daily goals alert and for a small fee each month bring all the info together because as with everything, if it is free, you will always get 95% of visitors taking the info and leaving? Only a thought! Cheers.

  • 27-09-2015

    As I said yesterday ST, and very much echoes what Alan said.

    For me the layout structure of the site isn’t as straight forward as the original site and feels I have to go digging to find articles. And as quality as the tipsters you have on board are sometimes you get overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of tips posted. Possibly split out the tipsters so they concentrate only posting on their strengths ie Nordic football, goal scorer tips, corners, cards etc might make it easier for us to go to the market tips that we prefer?

  • 27-09-2015

    ST what about a small charge maybe £19.99 for 3 months,Would that change anything in the way you tip i dont think so.
    You would just tip as normal the charge would be for access to the site not just for tips.

  • 27-09-2015

    Hello Sport Tipster, i am a big fan of this site and i really amazed with the job you guys are doing for us for free. I think that the site is great but there are a few minor thinks i don’t like. I agree with BoozeHound about the layout structure of the site and the feel that you have to dig to find the article, and when you scroll down to read the latest news it automatically changes between different sports. I don’t agree with previous comments that there is too many tips, the way i see it – you give us different ideas and we bet on those we feel/like the most. About the participation in the competitions, i can’t beacause 888(and many more sites) is forbidden in my country, and i believe there are many people like me. A fun suggestion – you can create a “wall” where everybody can post a screenshots of their winning bets. We can use this as a motivation or just for showing off 🙂
    Excuse my bad english and keep on the good job .

  • 27-09-2015

    Always start with a positive – the quality of tipping by ST is first class and that is the most important factor to any betting site. I am new to this site but I use a few others for football an horse racing. I find this the most difficult to use – I could not work out the 888 competition and nearly gave up. I saw a comment this week about a Titan competition but I have not got a clue to what it is or how to access. Enough negative comments, apologies. Suggestions – keep it simple, proof any link using someone not connected to the site to make sure they know what it actually is, can easy access FAQ and can use the instructions. Any good site is not only easy to navigate but is easy on the eye. This seems a clutter. Create a simple ‘Chat ‘ thread or easy to use open forum, some post stats on success but not sure this is needs, not everyone has time for competitions or indeed is interested. Make sure your success is more prominent on the site.
    Hope it helps

  • 27-09-2015

    I noticed the competitions are under Best Bets which I sped read as bookie sign up offers. The forum drop down is not active and there is nothing on the main page to tempt you in to use the drop down. Do you need all the drop down choices on the main page?

    Bets of the day – including comments of most liked on the site, fav or like button similar to twitter style? Success or otherwise of the tipster for day before. Link to each tipster blog

    Open forum, wall or chat

    Competition of the day/week and others as sub links

    Anything else needed? Anyone else with any suggestions?

  • PP

    I’d echo what everybody above has said. The scrolling between the news is annoying. Also the golf section is never updated. Be good to know how each tipster has been performing but this will make more work for yourself. Really not sure about charging for the site, unless you were too add a premium service, similar to DGA. There is so much quality info, its sometimes difficult to dissect it all. The new guys on board are top quality too. Ed has been inspired, along with your good self. Seems a bit harsh to criticize the site as its free and an obvious labour of love. I do think t could be made easier to navigate. Maybe you could add a donate button, for those that have prospered through the sites advice, like old fatty fix its got. I really like the site and what you are doing, I’m at a loss why your competitions are flunking. I will try and make a bit more of an effort with it. Won’t do the titan bet one as i fucking hate that bookie.

  • Rob

    Was going to put in my twopeneth but some very good suggestions above . Some great Tipsters on here ( something I am shite at ) so it already is a good site . I’m sure with a few tweeks it can be bloody brilliant

  • 08-10-2015

    Only recent discovered this site, I only registered this morning. I’m impressed by what I’ve seen and anybody that not only gives up there free time and has the balls to post tips should be appluaded it is appreciated!
    I think the layout could be a bit better, maybe instead of clicking on each tipster’s name you could have it organised by date aswell.
    for example if clicked on the 8th of October i could see every article/blog that was posted on that day.
    Anyway thanks!


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