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If you've liked what you've seen so far, can you leave a testimonial please? This will be much appreciated by Ed and myself.
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  • 05-11-2015

    Won’t leave a testimonial just yet as I am a brand new member to the platinum tips. After a nightmare with PayPal (probably not alone) it is all done and dusted. Looking forward to the highs and the lows. Bring on the goals!

  • 06-11-2015

    Have to hand it to them. There’s no one else out there can tip like these guys! Keep up the good work 😀

  • 10-05-2016

    Having been a member of a couple of sites over the years I can honestly say this is the best tipping site I have come across.
    Sporttipster and Ed Rhodes know there stuff a decent consistently nail winners.
    The introduction of WhatsApp groups has been a revelation, a solid, great group of like minded guys who like to bash the bookies and have a good crack. Since joining this site I’ve changed the way that I bet and am an active contributer both on the site and the WhatsApp group. The guys in the groups will always highlight things you may not have considered when posting your betsbets, they all know there stuff and are only too happy to help each other out.
    I can’t remember a month when I wasn’t in profit, be it from my own selections, Sporttipsters, Ed Rhodes’, or the other guys in the group.

    All this for £5 a month! Join us and beat the bookies, you know it makes sense.

  • 10-05-2016

    Completely agree with Matt – great site, consistently tips winners, in a sensible, methodically researched way. The guys on the whatsapp group are fantastic and the knowledge across many sports is enviable.
    Top site, you’ll never spend a better fiver.


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