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TENNIS: Nadal Injury blow!

After another disappointing Wimbledon, the place that people thought the Spanish number 1 would redeem himself was the US open. However an injury strikes rendering Nadal no choice but to pull out of this years Rogers cup and Western and Southern cup. It my well put him out of the US open too.
Nadal was reported to have felt some pain while practising in Mallorca. After undergoing some check ups at the Clinica Mapfre de Medicina del Tenis. The doctors found a minor detachment of the of the posterior cubital tunnel on his right wrist. In simple terms he's injured his wrist and will be in an immobilisation cast for up to 3 weeks while his wrist repairs. This may vary as the injury is inconclusive at this moment in time. The world number 2 will undergo continuous check ups including MRI scans to carefully asses the situation.
Nadal is currently expected to be ok in time for the opening of the US Open this year; however valuable training time will be lost in the build up to the US Open to allow his wrist to heal. Whether he will be ready or not is the biggest issue for Nadal. However despite this Nadals representatives are quite optimistic about his injury and say that he will be ready. The true outcome of this will be revealed in the weeks to come. Fingers crossed!
The Argentinian number 1 Juan Martin Del Potro suffered the same injury. He had to undergo surgery which is a scary prospect as the healing time of an operation only adds more time into the healing process. Laura Robeson also suffered a similar injury and ended up dropping down to fourth place in the British Women rankings. Although we have the optimism of Nadal's representatives, past experiences don't give us all that much hope at this moment in time.
Nadal will have to be patient as do all of us. This injury has not been so easy for players in the past so we can't say it will any easier for Nadal; however this injury has only shown up so how it will all pan out for the world number 2 will yet be decided. So all we know at this moment in time is that he will be ready for the US Open according to his representatives, but there's no guarantee he will be anywhere near ready to take on the giants of the US Open.

Article by: Rumaana HAQ

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