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Sport Tipster’s Observation

Right, I've just looked around on Google, Twitter and in my inbox and I'm not one to moan about the competition but I am going to make an exception just this once.

What I find a lot of nonsense, is that a certain website are offering £2,500 in cash prizes and £1,000 in free bets over the next month. What a load of tosh! I would like to see a video clip of this website giving a fan x amount in cash! These kind of websites are really annoying. For the Big Footy Preview, 888Sport are giving the site £300 in free bets to be given away per month. How am I going to divide that? To be honest, I don't know as I haven't got that far. In addition to that, this fantastic bookie will be running a separate competition where you can earn some decent prizes.

Another moan is that I've seen another tipping on Twitter (who have nearly 200,000 followers) keep saying we have 60/1, 40/1 and 100/1 winners. This again, is a load of nonsense. Granted they may get huge odds but they do about a thousand permutations of a score of match. For example, they will pick Manchester United Vs Spurs and Reading Vs Birmingham and what they do is combine about 20 different scores in a double with a 10pence stake and they say they got it correct. This is not betting! It is sly way of getting the 18 year-olds to follow them on Twitter.


I think we should all be smart for the new season. I would suggest definitely resist the urge and do a huge accumulator just because of the fancy odds. Remember, longer the chain the weaker the link. Picking 5 homes and 5 aways and sticking them in a 1980's perm is old school betting. I think the best way to bet is the way Ed, Matt, Raal and Nick bet and that is to do singles, doubles and trebles. Raal always bets on goals and he always has winners. The overs and unders market is a decent market if you're betting with big money. If you're putting down large stakes then definitely follow the boys I've mentioned above as they do get regular winners.

For those guys who have a couple of quid to bet with then I suggest you should do a BTTS&WIN treble or four-fold. If you're betting for fun then you can easily do 2 x BTTS&WIN in conjunction with a couple of even money shots. This will take your odds to around 100/1. I will be doing one tomorrow. I mean you don't have to follow exactly what I am doing but at least you'll get an idea. It usually runs close.


Finally the forum is there for you to use so come on people get posting!



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