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Right guys listen up roll up roll up we've got a brand new competition for you in association with Coral.

It's called 3:00 HOTSHOTS and I'm giving away a £100 free bet to get us started.


All you have to do is
Name the first player to score in the 3:00 Saturday Premier League fixtures.
Sound simple? It is. 

Only those with a Coral account are eligible so if you do not have one SIGN UP NOW!

*You just need to name the player who you think will be 1st on the score sheet in the Saturday  3:00 BPL games, and you also need to put the minute you think that first goal will be scored but this will only matter for ties, for example, "Aguero/27".
*In the event of a tie the winner will be settled by the person who picks the closest minute of that first goal.
*Just leave your entry in the comments below.

So your entry in the comments below will look something like this for example, "Aguero 18".  So let's say Aguero did score first in the Saturday BPL 3:00s and he scored in the 15th minute, you'd be a winner unless someone had put something closer like "Aguero 14" Easy.

In the unlikely event that it's a tie even after the minutes come into it, we will rollover the prize fund.
ENTRIES CLOSE at 14:59 on Saturday 29th August 2015.
£100 Free bet should be paid on Tuesday 1st September.

Only those with a Coral account are eligible so if you do not have one SIGN UP NOW!



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