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Daily Blog: Saturday 3rd October 2015

I know you've not had a blog from me for a few days and this has been deliberate. I'm currently reflecting on whether to continue with the site. The team have produced a lot of winners but there are only a handful of people commenting on the site. I know I sound like a broken record but it is disheartening because there are a number of good tipsters on the site and I would say our record is quite phenomenal and easily blows other sites out of the water in terms of profitability. You get sites on Twitter, who have 100K plus followers but they charge a subscription fee but constantly deliver losers. Where is the rationale behind that? I've had four huge winners and I get few pats on the backs on Twitter and when I ask them if they've been onto the site, they say "What site mate?". These doughnuts would rather go on a gimmick website like football*** watch stupid Vibe videos and follow their ten team accumulators and wonder why they don't win?!

This week I had some guy on Twitter asking me for another BTTS&WIN? He's asked before for tips but in my eyes he is a freeloader. He brings f**k all to the site, contributes f**k all to the site, doesn't play competitions so I told him if he's got nothing to bring to the table then don't sit down for dinner.

Please tell me what sites produce huge winners? Please tell me other sites that produce their betting slips? Please tell other sites who produce decent write-ups, winners, betting slips, competitions, forums and an interactive Twitter account?

I have several decent bets in mind for this weekend but I won't be sharing them and I won't be sharing them on twitter even if they win or lose.

I'm up a few grand since the start of the football season. How many sites can say that? I've sent a big email out this morning in the hope of generating some interest but appears people don't want to play the competition. Obviously, they have too much and don't need the prize money but yet they moan about a subscription for any research!

I really need to evaluate my time spent researching and outlay on the site before making any decision but at the moment it looks as though the site will be binned, Twitter will be scrapped and I'll disappear into the wilderness (aka the gym) as this is a strong passion of mine.

At the moment you're in safe hands with Ed, Ryan, Nick, Matt and Ali so keep coming to the site, signing up to the competitions and adding in your comments.

There's a handful of regulars on here who are cool and I get on well with them. This isn't a sympathy post but I'm just saying how it is.

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  • Rob

    Good rant …….I will be gutted if this vanishes , i enjoy reading your blogs

  • 03-10-2015

    Very well said ST, would be a crying shame should this site disappear but I completely understand as well as share your annoyance being a long time regular having seen the dip in contributions.

    Come on lads, stick up your thoughts, praise and even criticism – this blokes forked out a hell of a lot of money for us all to benefit and it’s time we gave some back!


  • 03-10-2015

    I agree with Rob.. Good rant .. But I also have enjoyed all the blogs over nearly last 18month to 2 years!! Has become part of a normal day to read you blog !!
    Just saying ğŸ˜Ž
    I’m sure a lot of others will be same there just shy 😉
    In the words of K.W.S – Please don’t go

  • 03-10-2015

    And agree with Mike he was obviously typing same time as me ! 🙂

  • 03-10-2015

    It’s true…I’ve delivered 4 winning days in the last 6 and not a comment or a thank you for your effort.

    i spend about 30 minutes on every game that I preview…well, I previewed 16 fixtures today so you can do the maths and when you add in the time it takes to edit, post, and review…well it’s multiple hours of hard graft that I do for on an entirely voluntary basis with no payment.

    Even if you don’t follow the tips I post, it would be nice if people could at least take 10 seconds from their life to acknowledge the hard work that I, and all the other contributors make here.

    If you want a rant, I’m your man!

    Come on people, this is a cracking, free site and it would be nice to get some support for our man here who has put a lot of time and effort into making it so.

    Comment, get in the competitions and start a dialogue so we can grow this site and continue to smash the bookies!

  • 03-10-2015

    I have only been using the site for a little while, a little over a week, and consider it to be one of the best around in terms of tipsters – ST in particular has been phenomenal.

    Ryan produces well researched tips and winners but too many for me to do further research before deciding which one to bet. I am reluctant to bet all the suggestions without having researched each game further. I tend not to follow but will look again. I should have commented sooner to thank Ryan for his hard work, so my apologies.

    Other tipsters – seem to be a hit and a miss regarding posting tips and you have to open each tab in the hope of finding something but often there are no post. I now tend not to bother and just open the daily blog tab. The tipster section needs reorganising and presenting on the site.

    I have posted on the site most days, I missed yesterday as there was no ST daily blog to comment on, and I use twitter to promote the site when I can. I joined the 888 competition but it was not easy to set up. Regarding the other competitions I am not sure what they are or what to do. I think they are poorly promoted and again needs better promotion and guidance.

    It is a poor website to use but I use it every day as ST is simply a brilliant tipster. I would join a subscription service but the site would need to improve first.


  • 03-10-2015

    I have not long found this site but been off the gambling for the past 2 weeks due to work, now work has calmed down was going to solely follow you,so a little disappionted but understand your concern. The tipster sites on facebook and twitter pay to have followers purely for false sense of security. Please keep up the good work and enjoy your day off. Maybe you could have a donate button? it’ll help pay for the site, spread the gratitude or you could even donate to a charity.

  • 03-10-2015

    Fair play and well said. Now I’m setup joined the footie preview and have access to here I’ll be looking at it. I am gutted that I missed the big winners over the past few days I have been laid up with man flu….123 all together now arrrrrrhhhhh….thank you.
    Lads keep up the great work and don’t worry about the minority who don’t get involved. Your hard work is appreciated and I must keep checking it so I can put the right F’ing bets on.

  • 03-10-2015

    From Twitter post
    second and final bet
    Rangers -1
    West Ham win/draw
    Just over evens
    check out @SportTipster_1

  • 03-10-2015

    Good post. I visit a few sites and this one is the best. I never comment but will start now as I appreciate what the tipsters on this site do for us.

  • 03-10-2015

    As far as I’m concerned this is by far the best site – all matches are researched and the boys put so much time into putting them up on here! Thanks lads and keep it up

  • 03-10-2015

    My btts and win for today. Leicester, Middlesbrough and Cagliari.

  • 03-10-2015

    agree with all the above i post and comment when i can,st knows why i cant join the comps.but to all the tipsters thanks for all your hard work.And hope you can keep on going.

  • 03-10-2015

    The best tipping site for look and results by far, will spread the word, but small subscription fee the way to go and with money, promote the great results with adverts on sporting websites and build up slowly! Your onto a winner with time!

  • 03-10-2015

    away on holiday and have only just read your rant about the site.
    I try to comment on things as much as time allows.
    You know I especially like matts horse racing page as I think he is a excellent reader of a race.
    Don’t always agree with his tips but that’s racing and luv reading his opinion.
    As for the site as a whole your daily blog is well worth the read and also ed Rhodes.
    Think you probably lost a lot of people to daily goals alert when they started up as I have said before.
    This is not a criticism but just think there are 2 many tipsters on the site and as for the comps I found them quite confusing which link to go to for entering them.
    I also have accounts with most bookies so can’t open a new account for these comps.
    Rather than close the site why not stream line it down to maybe 2 to 3 good tipsters and make it not so complicated.
    I know I keep on about daily goals alert but there site is easy to understand.
    There are just my thoughts but hope you keep site going.
    Cheers S / t

  • 03-10-2015

    2 Bets posted and 2 winners

    In Play Wolves to score over 1.5 TG
    Pays 5/4 WON

    second and final bet
    Rangers -1
    West Ham win/draw
    Just over evens WON


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