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DAILY BLOG: Saturday 29th November 2014

There are more previews on the Big Footy Preview. Chris Heath has made his debut for us so welcome aboard. Click HERE to view

Again, I've been manic all day so won't have an opportunity to post a preview but I do like the look of the following games:

1) Brentford to Win or Brentford to score 2+ Goals
2) Chelsea and Sunderland Over 2.5 Match Goals
3) Derby to beat Leeds
4) QPR Win
5) Wycombe Win or to score 2+goals
6) Cittadella vs Brescia BTTS
7) Bolton and Huddersfield Over 2.5 Match Goals
8) Barnsley and Scunny Over 2.5 Match Goals (Yorkshire Derby) or Scunny to score 2+ goals as Barnsley are very poor at the back
9) Kuban vs Torpedo Moscow BTTS
10) Reading Not To Lose
11) Carlisle to Win
12) Burton Not to Lose
13) Wigan Win

I will post my bets on a separate page on Saturday morning. Just ideas at the moment....

Frank WARREN brings up two excellent match-ups this Saturday night. The card has been billed as ‘Bad Blood’ and lets hope it lives up to expectations. The Tony BELLEW Vs Nathan CLEVERLEY fight was a massive anti-climax and as a paying subscriber to BOXNATION and SKY SPORTS I can’t stomach another twelve rounds of mediocre action.

As always I’m not going to talk about the build-up and all the other Boxing chit-chat you can search on the Internet yourself as you guys only want the winner’s right? Well, let’s see if I can pick two out of two.

Tyson Fury is an undefeated British Heavyweight boxer. He talks the talks and usually walks the walk. He is ranked in the top ten by all four governing bodies. He is a very good all-round boxer and provides good entertainment to the casual fan because you’ll often see him climbing off the canvas to win his boxing matches. Ever since watching Tyson as four-fight novice, I distinctly remember two massive weaknesses in his armory; He leans far too much and leaves himself exposed. Fortunately for Fury he only has Dereck CHISORA dishing out the punches. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way as I think CHISORA is a fantastic boxer but he’ll be first to admit he is not a one-punch knock out artist. The man from FINCHLEY is more of a concussive puncher, which means he’ll probably two or three punches if he was to knockout the man ranked 12th in the Heavyweight Division.

These two have already met three years and Fury won a points decision. Fury was a novice boxer and CHISORA turned up in the worst shape of his life. I remember watching the fight on Channel 5 and recall it being a rather dull fight but I believe the re-match will be significantly better. FURY has been rather inactive of late with several fights being cancelled whereas CHISORA has been relatively active and has dispatched ranked contenders Malik SCOTT and Kevin JOHNSON away with ease. CHISORA is in the latter stages of his career now and this is his (realistic) chance of securing of a fight with Wladimir Klitschko.

For me there isn’t a stonewall certainty here. If I ‘m going to have a punt then I’d be looking at the 4/5 on offer for the fight to progress into round 10 with both fighters on their fight. I think both fighters will have their moments but I’m slightly concerned about Fury’s inactivity but I think the taller man will prevail and earn another points decision. William Hill’s are offering 6/1 on FURY hitting the canvas at some point but still winning the fight. Considering he spends a lot of time on the mat I think this is worth a couple of quid.

Chris Eubank’s price has come plummeting down since 4pm this afternoon. I have read a lot of articles on this fight over the last week and the majority is swaying towards Saunders and I can see why. The Hatfield based fighter has fought the far superior boxers in all of his professional fights in comparison to Eubank Jnr. SAUNDERS is on the cusp of a World Title shot and I think a win on Saturday will get him a fight with one of the big boys. I’m stuck on the fence in relation to this bout because I genuinely can’t pick a winner. A part of me says Billy Joe is going to outbox him and outwork and win a landslide decision. However, there is a big chance that SAUNDERS may want to have a scrap at some point during the fight and that could be his undoing. I have watched the footage and couldn’t help but notice the size of Eubank in comparison to his opponent. Chris looked a lot bigger than Saunders in terms of size and stature. In my opinion Saunders looked like a light middleweight where as Eubank Jnr looked like a Super Middleweight so I’m not sure how much of a difference this will make come Fight Night. One of my favourite boxers Nick Blackwell had this to say on the matter; “I’ve fought and sparred Billy Joe and also sparred Eubank five or six times so I’m well positioned to analyse this.

Eubank hasn’t fought anyone near Billy Joe Saunders’s level. Neither are ‘one punch’ bangers but I give Chris the edge in power. However, he really loads up. The more we sparred, the more I started to get on top. In our last spar I was pushing him back and beating him up.

Billy Joe is a lot better technically, has better footwork, plus an edge is speed and work rate. He punches in snappy combos and, whereas previously he’s only trained at 50%, he’s really licked himself into shape for this, over in Spain.

It might start like a chess match but Billy Joe will gradually take Eubank to places he’s not been before; outbox him and make him look silly. If Eubank is as tough as his old man, he’ll not get stopped but Saunders will win clearly.” (Source

Who will win? I don’t actually know, so at the moment there isn’t a bet for me but at a push I would say Saunders by a points decision. I would do round betting but the odds are pretty shocking.

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  • Francis

    Doesnt Raal post his tips up anymore…looking at the Saunders fight I think you are edging towards him at just under evens this represents a good price

  • Sport Tipster

    Raal certainly he does. I’ve spoken to him on the phone and he’s got a couple of personal problems at the moment.

  • Francis

    Ok thats sad to hear pass on my regards please,

  • Alex

    Nice write up on the Saunders/Eubank fight. I was initially leaning towards Eubank but my view has changed. If you strip this down to its bear bones and consider the facts. One fighter is the champion, has trained very hard for this, will out box his opponent, can scrap if need be, but most importantly has the spirit of a fighter due to his background. He simply cannot afford to lose and did not have to take on this fight. His opponent has a famous surname, has not really earnt this fight, has not faced a decent opponent as yet, he has had a pampered upringing, does have the power to harm opponents and yet he has a shot at some belts. His father had a similar opportunity and took it some years ago when he was a relative unknown. Saunders has a game plan and has not let Eubank get to him with his antics, I think he will stick to that and see this through. There is a noticeable difference between the size of both boxers, yet they both weighed in at a similar weight. I don’t think this will become a factor such as the Bellew/Cleverly match when they went up in weight. The only way I can see Eubank winning is if Saunders does not stick to his game plan and gets caught by Eubank. Nick Blackwell has experience of both fighters and can’t see a way out for Eubank. I see this fight in a similar fight to Froch/Groves II minus the rematch in that Saunders has not taken his opponent lightly and is the better boxer. I will be siding with him despite Eubank now being the clear favourite.

  • Sport Tipster

    Totally agree. I’m not 100% but think Saunders nicks it. Going the distance I think. Keep the comments coming Alex

  • Alex

    Turned out as planned and a fair pay packet to go with it.

  • Sport Tipster

    Agreed Alex. Do you use twitter?

  • Alex

    I do but I’m not terribly good with it mate.


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